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Simple Operation & Low Maintenance Design:      
SCREEDEASY, powered by petrol engine, provides uniform vibration over the entire blade length and enhances concrete compaction, makes it possible to level up to 4 times more concrete than the traditional method, and do it more accurately. Only weight approximately 12kg, it's one of the lightest portable unit on the market.      
Features :     
1) Specially design, hardened aluminum blade ensuring a smoother finish than conventional screeds.     
2) Heavy rubber mounts to reduce the vibration level on the handle.     
3) Adjustable handle in height, vertical & horizontal position (optional)     
4) The rounded ends of the blade make it easy to go around obstacles     
5) The tilt-up stand keeps the engine out of concrete or off the ground obstacles.     
6) One piece casting body easy connect to engine.     
7)Emergency stop switch available.     
8) 7 different working widths: 4ft/1. 2m, 6ft/1. 8m, 8ft/2. 4m, 10ft/3. 0m, 12ft/3. 7m, 14ft/4. 5m, 16ft/4. 9m.     
9)Easily changed blades.    

 Surface Finishing Screed
 Model SFS-2 SFS-4
 Engine Air-cooled.2-cycle Air-cooled.4-cycle
 Engine Type Chinese Petrol engine Petrol Honda GX35
 Power :  kw(hp) 1.4(1.9) 1.1(1.5)
 Weight:  kg(lbs) 18(40) 28(61)
 without blades SFS , with adjustable handle

 Size:m(ft) 1.22(4) 1.8(6.0) 2.44(8.0) 3.0(1.0)
 Weight:kg(Ibs) 2.9(6.4) 4.36(9.6 5.8112.8 7.2716
 Size:m(ft) 3.66(12.0) 4.47(14) 4.88(16)  
 Weight:kg(Ibs) 8.72(19.2) 10.16(22.4) 11.61(25.6)