Products Catalog
1.Easy-to-reach located controls.    
2.Large shock mounts reduce vibration to the handle.    
3.Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper deck.    
4.Wear-resistant base plates extend life open design reduces dirt building.    
5.Centrolly-located lifting bar allows easy transport in and out of trenches.    
6.Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage.    
7.Heavy duty industrial throttle control is available as optional.    
8.Trolley wheel for easy transportation is available as optional.

  Model TM125-1 TM125-2 TM125-3 TM125-4
  Engine Air-cooled, 4-cycle, Single cylinder
  Engine Type Diesel ,
Chinese Petrol Engine Petrol,
Robin EY20
Petrol ,
Honda GX160
  Power kw(hp) 2.8(3.8) 4.8(6.5) 3.7(5.0) 4.0(5.5)
  Operation Mass kg   (lbs) 130 125 124 124
  Frequency vpm 4200
  Centrifugal Force KN 25
  Compaction Depth cm   (in) 45(17)
  Travel Speed cm/s   (in/s) 25(10)
  Efficiency m2/hr   (ft2/hr) 500(5400)
  Plate Size cm(in) 64.5×40(25×16)
  Dimention cm(in) 72×44×105(28×17×41)