Products Catalog
1) Easy-to-reach located controls  
2) Large shock mounts reduce vibration of handle.  
3) Heavy-duty shock mounts vibration of upper deck.  
4) Wear-resistant base plates open design reduces dirt building.  
5) Centrally-located lifting bar transport in and out of trenches.  
6) Wrap around protection cage protects the plate from accidental job-site damage.  
7) Extension plate is available with model TM160E and TM160E, which  
have same technical specifications as TM160 and TM160.  

  Model: TM160-1 TM160-2 TM160-3 TM160-4
  Engine: Air-cooled,  4-cycle, Single cylinder
  Engine Type: Diesel,
Kama 178F
Diesel Chinese engine Petrol,
Robin EY28
Petrol ,
Honda GX160
  Power kw (hp): 4.5 (5.5) 4.0(5.5) 6.8(9.0) 6.89.0
  Operation Mass kg (Ibs): 168 168 148 148
  Frequency (vpm) 4000
  Centrifugal Force (kn): 30.5
  Compaction depth (cm/in): 50(19)
  Travel Speed cm/s ( in/s): 25(10)
  Efficiency m2/hr (ft2/hr): 570(6100)
  Plate size cm (in): 70x37 (28x15)
  Dimension cm (in): 79x44x107 (31x17x42)