Products Catalog
1) Vibration isolated reversible handle for ease of operation and reducing operator fatigue.    
2) Conveniently placed handles.
3) Open design reduces dirt building.    
4) Centrally enclosed exciter equany spread compactive force to the whole base plate.    
5) Heavy-duty shock mounting reduces vibration to the upper engine&handle.    
6) Protective frame is available as optional.    
7) Throttle control is available as optional.  

  Model: TM100-1 TM100-2 TM100-3 TM100-4
  Engine: Air-cooled,  4-cycle, single cylinder
  Engine Type: Diesel, Kama170F Chinese Petrol Engine Petrol, Robin EY20 Petrol, Honda GX160
  Power kw (hp): 2.8 (3.8) 4.8(6.5) 3.7(5.0) 4.0(5.5)
  Operation Mass   kg (Ibs): 104 94 93 93
  Frequency (vpm) 7000
  Centrifugal Force   (kn): 19.8
  Compaction depth   (cm/in): 30 (12)
  Travel Speed   cm/s ( in/s): 45 (18)
  Efficiency   m2/hr (ft2/hr): 770 (8300)
  Plate size cm   (in): 60x44 (23x17)
  Dimension cm   (in): 62x46x77 (24x18x30)