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1) The open wide base is available for the cleanness by oneself.   
2) The front turn up base is Convenient for approaching the corner. 
3) The closed strap can prevent the sand entering into the machine.  
4)  Efficient shockproof foot can reduce the sway of the engine and above handle.

  Model:  TM80-1  TM80-2  TM80-3  TM80-4
  Engine:                          Air-cooled,  4-cycle, single cylinder
  Engine Type: Diesel Kama 170F Chinese Petrol , Petrol,
    Petrol Engine Robin EY20 Honda GX160
  Power kw (hp): 2.8(3.8) 4.8 (6.5) 3.7 (5.0) 4.0 (5.5)
  Weight (kg): 92 90 92 90
  Frequency (hz)   5400
  Centrifugal Force   (kn):   15
  Compaction depth (cm):   30(12)
  Plate size (cm):   50x45 (20x18)
  Dimension (cm):   61x47.5x78(24x18.7x30.7)