Products Catalog
1) Foldable handle for easy transport and stock.
2) Built-in wheel for easy transportation.  
3) Radius base plate for easy access to corners.    
4) Sealed belt cover prevents sand and soil. 
5) Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration of upper engine and handle. 
6) Protective frame is available as optional.         

  Model: TM60-2 TM60-3 TM60-4
  Engine: Air-cooled,  4-cycle, single cylinder
  Engine Type: Chinese
Petrol Engine
Petrol, Robin EY20 Petrol,
Honda GX160
  Power kw (hp): 4.0(5.5) 3.7(5.0) 4.0 (5.5)
  Operation Mass kg (Ibs): 62
  Frequency (vpm) 5600
  Centrifugal Force (kn): 10.5
  Centrifugal Force (kn): 20(8)
  Travel Speed cm/s ( in/s): 40(16)
  Efficiency m2/hr (ft2/hr): 450(4800)
  Plate size cm (in): 52.5x35 (21x14)
  Dimension cm (in): 70x36x56 (27x15x24)